Settlement agreements

Know what you are entitled to


Know what you are entitled to

Settlement agreements

Know what you are entitled to

Have you received a settlement agreement from your employer? For example, due to a reorganisation? Or does the settlement agreement state that there is a ‘difference of opinion’? Ask a specialist to advise you.

You can’t just get fired. An employer must have a good reason for letting you go. This also applies to dismissal by means of a settlement agreement. It is therefore wise not to go along with the employer’s proposal straight away; always seek advice first.

The lawyers of Wessel van der Lans Advocaten can help you. Among other things, we look at the following:

What is the reason for offering the settlement agreement? Is there any good reason for dismissal?

Are you eligible for unemployment benefit if you sign the settlement agreement? Does the settlement agreement meet all the requirements?

Do you get what you are entitled to? Is the severance pay offered appropriate to your situation? Or are you entitled to more? Are all entitlements properly settled, such as the payment of holidays and pension obligations?

We then decide in consultation with you whether it is wise to negotiate the settlement agreement. We know it pays to negotiate. It often leads to better arrangements.

The lawyers of Wessel Van der Lans Advocaten have extensive experience in assessing and negotiating settlement agreements. Not only are we familiar with all the rules, we also know the practice. We do not offer you a standard approach, but tailor-made solutions.

Usually, the legal costs you incur are reimbursed by your employer.


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