“We invest in our customer relationships so that we really get to know a company. This enables us to respond to issues quickly and effectively.”

Jordie Wessel

Founder – Employment-law specialist

Jordie Wessel is a dedicated lawyer. Since 2002, Jordie has developed into a specialist in the field of employment law, dismissals and reorganisation/restructuring. You can count on her for a constructive approach to conflicts, a diplomatic attitude and personal involvement.

In 2011, Jordie completed the Postgraduate Course in Employment Law (‘PALA’), a course specialising in employment law. In addition to advising, mediating, negotiating and litigating, Jordie regularly serves on complaints committees within reorganisations. Read more

Emilie van der Lans

Emilie van der Lans

Founder – Employment-law specialist

Emilie van der Lans is an experienced lawyer in the field of employment law, social security and pensions. Emilie started her law career in 2007 and over the years has developed into an expert in advising companies and individuals on employment contracts, dismissals, reorganisations and pension issues. From 2015 to 2018 she worked as a senior legal advisor for the Ministry of Finance.

Emilie is dedicated to the field and has a real passion for her clients and their working environment. This allows her to understand a situation and find out what is really going on, to find the best possible outcome for her clients. Read more

René van Egdom

René van Egdom

Employment-law lawyer

René van Egdom graduated cum laude in employment law from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.After various legal internships, René started his career at a large international law firm in Amsterdam. Two years later, he made the switch to Wessel Van der Lans Arbeidsrecht advocaten where he has been working as a lawyer since May 2021.

René deals with employment law in the broadest sense, including dismissals, reorganisations, employee participation law and disputes regarding employment conditions and non-competition clauses.

Read more
Arbeidsrecht advocaat Haarlem

Nathalie van der Jagt


As Paralegal, Nathalie van der Jagt supports the lawyers of Wessel Van der Lans Arbeidsrecht advocaten in their work in the field of employment law.

Nathalie graduated in employment law from the University of Leiden in 2021 and after various legal internships started as a legal assistant at a law firm in Amsterdam. Since January 2022 she has joined Wessel Van der Lans Arbeidsrecht advocaten as Paralegal.

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Publication of registration jurisdictions
Onze advocaten hebben zich op de volgende hoofd- (en sub) rechtsgebieden in het rechtsgebiedenregister van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten geregistreerd:

a.           Jordie Wessel staat geregistreerd op Arbeidsrecht, Collectief ontslag, Internationaal arbeidsrecht, Medezeggenschap;

b.           Emilie van der Lans staat geregistreerd op Arbeidsrecht, Collectief ontslag, Medezeggenschap, Pensioenen;

Op grond van deze registratie zijn zij verplicht elk kalenderjaar volgens de normen van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten tien opleidingspunten te behalen op ieder geregistreerd hoofdrechtsgebied.