Reorganisation or restructuring

We know how it’s done

Reorganisation or restructuring

We know how it’s done

A reorganisation (or redivision, restructuring, cutbacks, modernisation, privatisation, outsourcing) is a change within the company or the civil service organisation that has an impact on the employees’ jobs.

We have extensive experience in supervising reorganisations in various roles. Sometimes we are part of the project team that supervises the reorganisation. On other occasions, we advise in the background on the legal issues that arise during a reorganisation. Or we prepare the applications for dismissal in consultation with Human Resources. It does not matter whether the reorganisation concerns five or a hundred employees.

What is our approach?

The lawyers at Wessel Van der Lans know how to carry out a reorganisation. We advise you on the right strategy and steps to take. We know better than anyone that a reorganisation process has to run smoothly. That is why we determine the time schedule together in advance. We see that good preparation pays off at a later time.

Agreeing on a clear redundancy package, which is not compulsory, can be useful. It provides all those involved with clarity and certainty about the process and the consequences of the reorganisation. We have experience in drawing up and negotiating a redundancy package, both with trade unions and the Works Council.

Finally, we believe in the importance of good communication. Our experience is that if you inform employees early and correctly, the reorganisation will ultimately run more smoothly. If desired, we inform the staff, together with the employer or Human Resources, in individual meetings or group discussions. We can also take over correspondence with (consultants of) employees.

Do you have questions about reorganisation or redundancy for economic reasons? Please contact one of our lawyers by phone or fill in our contact form.


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